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Our Tai Chi classes mainly teach Chen Tai Ji. It is taught by Tom Sapsed.

Chen Tai Ji originally came from Chen village, He Nan Province in China.

The History of Chen Tai Ji

In 1920, Chen Fa Ke wanted to bring the Tai Ji technic to the world. So he came to Beijing from his home town Chen village and started teaching. Quickly he became very popular because of his high standard and powerful strength. Tai Ji became well known by Chinese people and is practised widely across China. Nowadays, it is the most popular exercise for maintaining a healthy body in the world. Chen Fa Ke's grandson Chen Xiao Wang continues to share his family treasure with people all over the world by travelling and teaching.

Class tutor: Tom Sapsed

Tom Sapsed has practiced Chen Tai Ji since 1985. He studies with Karl Kosbuba at the Chinese Internal Arts Association in Reading and has obtained a certificate of teaching from them. Tom has travelled to Beijing China many times, practicing Chen Tai Ji with the senior Chinese teachers there. He studied with Chen Fa Ke's student, Yang Dehou, who is the Chairman of Beijing Chen Tai Ji Association. This has helped Tom to achieve a deep feeling for the spirit of Tai Ji. He is also a student of Chen Xiao Wang and practises with him when he comes to the UK. Chen Xiao Wang is the 19th generation lineage holder of Chen-style taijiquan. Tom Sapsed is also a member of The Beijing Chen Tai Ji Association.

Chen Tai Ji Classes

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